WGCC Staff

The staff and Walnut Grove is comprised of people who love, care, and pray for every person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out by email or call the church office to speak to them.

Aaron boothe

Administrative Pastor

Aaron joined Walnut Grove in November 2012 while completing his degree in Intercultural Studies. Initially starting as a part-time staff member, he transitioned to a full-time role as the Youth and Worship Pastor after graduating.

At the church, Aaron met his wife, Allison, and they got married in December 2015. Together they have two wonderful boys, Thomas and Peter. Besides his dedication to serving the local church, Aaron has a variety of passions and hobbies, which include playing music and a love for coffee. However, his favorite pastime is spending quality time with his family.

Currently, Aaron serves the WGCC family as the Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor, and Administrative Assistant. As WGCC evolves and God guides Aaron's life, these roles will eventually merge into a singular position that best aligns with the church's needs and Aaron's calling.

Email Aaron at aaron@walnutgrovecc.org

Carol Ledbetter


Carol Ledbetter serves Walnut Grove as its treasurer. She oversees the financial side of the church by working closely with the Administration Team and the office. If you have any questions or requests please reach out to her.

Diana Groff

Church Janitor

Diana serves Walnut Grove by making sure its facilities are taken care of. She works closely with the Property team and make sure that the building and its rooms are ready for use.