WGCC Council Members

Below is the Church Council of WGCC. Walnut Grove uses a team leadership model where we rely on the people of WGCC to help serve the people of WGCC and beyond. This is a quick look at all the things they do and what their teams accomplish.

  • Carol Nelson

    Council Chair/Admin team Leader

    As the Council Chair and Administration Team Leader, plays a vital role in leading the church council and overseeing administrative functions. As the Council Chair, Carol provides leadership, guidance, and direction to the council members. She ensures effective communication, facilitates meetings, and fosters a collaborative environment where decisions are made in alignment with the church's mission and values.

  • Michael Sigrist

    Council Vice-Chair/Property Team Leader

    As the Property Team Leader on the church council, Michael Sigrist assumes a critical role in overseeing and managing the church's physical property and facilities. Michael's primary responsibility is to ensure the proper maintenance, functionality, and safety of the church building and grounds.

    In this role, Michael collaborates with other team members, volunteers, and staff to develop and implement effective strategies for property maintenance and improvement. He assesses the needs of the church property, creates maintenance schedules, and oversees repairs and renovations as necessary.

  • Jane Seaman

    Council Secretary/Member at-large

    In this position, Jane is responsible for ensuring effective communication, organization, and documentation within the council and the broader church community.

    As the Council Secretary, Jane takes accurate minutes during council meetings, recording the discussions, decisions, and action items. She compiles and distributes these minutes to council members and relevant stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is well-informed about the council's activities and decisions.

  • Jaye Roberts-treasurer

    Jaye Roberts serves as the Church Treasurer, assuming responsibility for managing the church's financial matters. As the Church Treasurer, Jaye handles financial record-keeping, budgeting, and financial reporting, along-side the church Bookkeeper. She works closely with the church leadership and the Administration teams to develop and monitor the annual budget, track expenses, and ensure the church's financial stability.

  • Lynn Leffler

    Benevolence/hospitality team leader

    Lynn Leffler plays an essential role on the church council as a member of the Benevolence & Hospitality Team. In this position, Lynn is dedicated to promoting a culture of compassion, care, and inclusivity within the church community.

    Lynn's role on the Benevolence & Hospitality Team involves cultivating relationships, coordinating volunteers, and promoting a spirit of kindness and compassion within the church community. Through her efforts, Lynn helps to create an environment where people feel seen, loved, and cared for, fostering a sense of community and belonging for all who come through the church's doors.

  • allison boothe

    Christian Education team leader

    Allison Boothe serves as a valuable member of the church council, contributing her expertise and leadership as part of the Christian Education Team. In this role, Allison is dedicated to the spiritual growth and educational development of the church community.

    Allison's responsibilities include curriculum selection, creating teaching materials, and organizing classes, and study groups. She actively promotes lifelong learning and discipleship, seeking to provide meaningful and relevant opportunities for individuals of all ages to deepen their understanding of faith and strengthen their relationship with God.

  • Susan Haynes-MIssions/outreach Team leader

    Susan Haynes serves as an integral member of the church council, dedicating their time and energy to the Missions Outreach Team. In this role, Susan actively engages in spreading the love of Christ beyond the walls of the church and into the wider community and world.

    As a member of the Missions Outreach Team, Susan collaborates with other team members to identify and support various mission projects and initiatives.

    Susan plays a vital role in organizing and coordinating mission events, fundraisers, and service projects. They actively engage the congregation, inspiring and mobilizing volunteers to participate in meaningful acts of service and outreach. Susan ensures that the church's mission efforts have a tangible impact, bringing hope, compassion, and the message of Christ to those in need.

  • Greg ledbetter

    Worship team leader

    Greg Ledbetter serves as an integral member of the church council, taking on the role of the Worship Team Leader. In this position, Greg is responsible for guiding and facilitating the worship experiences within the church community.

    As the Worship Team Leader, Greg works closely with the worship team members, musicians, singers, and other participants involved in leading worship services. He collaborates with the pastoral staff and other relevant teams to plan and organize worship services that align with the church's vision, values, and teachings.

  • Darren ledbetter

    Youth team leader

    Darren Ledbetter plays a crucial role on the church council as the Youth Team Leader, focusing on the spiritual growth, development, and well-being of the youth within the church community.

    Darren actively engages with the youth, building relationships and mentoring them on their spiritual journey. He facilitates discussions, Bible studies, and youth group gatherings that address relevant topics and challenges faced by today's youth. Darren seeks to create spaces for open dialogue, fostering an atmosphere of trust, support, and authenticity.

  • Jeff Edwards-Member at-large

    As a Member At-Large, Jeff represents the interests and perspectives of the congregation at large, ensuring that diverse voices and viewpoints are considered in council decisions and discussions.

    Jeff actively engages with the congregation, listening to their concerns, feedback, and ideas. He serves as a bridge between the council and the congregation, advocating for the needs and aspirations of the church community. Jeff encourages open communication, seeking to create an inclusive and participatory environment where everyone feels heard and valued.