The preaching team at Walnut Grove Christian Church consists of three dynamic individuals: Harrison Cornell, Aaron Boothe, and Darren Ledbetter. Each member brings unique perspectives, experiences, and gifts to the team, contributing to a rich and diverse preaching ministry. 

Harrison Cornell, (pictured right) is a passionate communicator of God's Word. With his engaging speaking style and deep biblical knowledge, he has the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Harrison's sermons are known for their practicality and relevance, providing practical insights and application for everyday life.

Aaron Boothe (pictured middle) brings a depth of theological understanding and a gift for unpacking the Scriptures. He approaches preaching with a careful exegetical approach, diving deep into the text to uncover its meaning and significance. Aaron's sermons are often thought-provoking, challenging listeners to dig deeper into their faith and explore the truths of Scripture. 

Darren Ledbetter, (pictured left) a natural storyteller, brings a unique blend of humor, vulnerability, and authenticity to the preaching team. His sermons often incorporate personal anecdotes and relatable experiences, creating a connection with the congregation. Darren's messages inspire and encourage, reminding listeners of God's faithfulness and the transformative power of His love. 

Together, Harrison, Aaron, and Darren form a dynamic preaching team that delivers a well-rounded and impactful ministry. Their collaborative approach allows them to tackle a wide range of topics, address the diverse needs of the congregation, and create a balanced preaching experience that combines biblical depth, practical application, and heartfelt storytelling. Through their combined efforts, they seek to proclaim the Gospel, challenge and edify believers, and lead the church in spiritual growth and transformation.