We partner with local churches to bring unity through a community youth group called COYO. COYO is for kids 6th - 12th grade. 

-We encourage all students to show up as they are and be REAL with themselves, with others, and with God.

-We strive to be relevant and connect with the matter at hand. Through talks, conversations, studies, and service we do our best to connect with students right where they're at in life.

-We encourage relationships! We pray that every student who comes through the door can connect with other students, adult leaders and most importantly, come to know God through a personal relationship with him.

COYO also offers plenty of exciting events to attend, conferences, concerts, service projects, and offers a great venue to just hangout.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12)

For more information on COYO, check them out on Facebook and Instagram! 


parent's page

[A letter from every student minister to every parent.]

Please take a few moments to read and pray through these questions and explore the links posted at the bottom of this page. Remember a mom and dad are the most influential two people in a students life, even if your kid will NEVER say so. 

1. What’s going on in your family and your Student's life right now that would help me and the youth leaders know how to best work with your student?
We’re here to partner with parents, but no partnership works very well if the partners are off doing different things.  We must communicate so that we can work together for the same goal of leading your child to be a mature follower of Jesus.  What's going on in your student's lives that would be helpful information for our youth leaders to know? Are there any signs of spiritual growth that you see in the life of your student? The youth leaders here at Walnut Grove CC promise to listen to your stories.  We also promise to share with you the stories and insights we’ve picked up through your students involvement in the ministry.

2. How can the youth ministry support you and your family better?
How do YOU feel the youth ministry can come alongside and support you and your family better? We here at Walnut Grove CC we'll take very seriously your thoughts and ideas. We value you and all your ideas and suggestions!!

3. How are YOU doing spiritually right now?
We all know that the spirituality of parents is often reflected in students. The difference is students don’t try to pretend they're doing better than they really are as much as we adults do. That’s why the spiritual health of your student is often dependent on YOUR spiritual health! Students reflect what they see modeled for them. Ensure that you are growing spiritually and that it’s overflowing into your family, your marriage and your students.

4. Do you see yourself as the primary spiritual leader in your student's life?
A common thing is for parents to view the youth minister as the main one who should lead and direct the spiritual lives of their children.  The reality is that a youth minister, no matter how hard he or she may try, will never have even a fraction of the influence of parents.  Parents must begin to see themselves as the ones who will lead their children to love Jesus.  A youth minister might spend 3 hours a week with your child, but how many do you spend with them?  If you're just counting hours awake when they're not at school, at least 70 hours a week.  The children and student ministries of Walnut Grove CC will be your partners, but parents must take the lead.
Links for Parents:

[CPYU] - Youth culture website
[Plugged In] - Family friendly movie reviews
[Jon's Blog] - A blog about media and youth culture
[Family Focus Solutions] - Helping families live healthier lives
[Focus on the Family] - Great resources to answers and advice for some of your biggest parenting questions.